Thursday, May 3, 2012


Every time I say the word Easter I think of Nacho Libre and start giggling to myself.  Anyway...just a quick post about our Easter weekend (and no it didn't involve diarrhea).  It was nice to focus on the "bunny" side of things Saturday and the Gospel truths on Sunday.  My mom even mailed us the BEST FHE lesson that went along with the Crucifixion and Resurrection stories from the Bible.  Thank goodness for Grandmas with a little time and love on their hands! 

One of my favorite parts of Easter is making Grandma Ahlstrom's famous Cream Cookies and letting the kids go crazy with the frosting, sprinkles, green grass coconut etc!  They were on a sugar high for several hours!

We had a campfire in the backyard and roasted marshmallows with their new camp chairs.  The boys built bird feeders at Home Depot and had a blast--the Easter bunny even visited and brought a few goodies! I always received a book in my basket so we've kept that tradition too!

We even did the traditional egg hunt in the backyard with friends--but had to put all their eggs in the freezer for a few minutes before they could enjoy the goodies inside--everything had MELTED!

   Hope you enjoyed your Easter as much as we did! 

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jeremy said...

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