Wednesday, November 4, 2009

To Tax or Not To Tax???

So, in checking out all my friend's & family's Halloween blogs and chatting w/other parents post trick or treat time, I found that there is a fascinating discussion about "stealing" candy from your children's buckets. SERIOUSLY, are we really having these disgussions? Several parents think that it is wrong, unjust, selfish, childish, irresponsible (and on and on and on--you get the picture). Other's (like myself) think that it is one of the perks of being a parent--especially when your 2 & 3 year olds rack in more candy at the tri-ward trunk or treat than you actually gave out to others that night! I'm talking about 4 lbs worth of tooth decaying goodness--we had to empty their buckets half way through because they were too heavy to carry. But I digress....Essentially it comes back to economics: socialist or capitalist? To tax or not to tax? I bought the costumes, the decorations, the candy to give out, the buckets to put it in, put in all the time, money & effort for the crazy holiday. You better believe I'm taxing you in the form of Baby Ruths! ok, tootsie rolls too (but not the square ones, only the long rolls--the chewy factor is different and I'm strictly a traditionalist!) I distinctly remember forking over some of the best stuff to my parents each Halloween, but those were the rules if I wanted to play the game. Let's go back to the day when parents respect their kids but are still parents--we say no, they listen, they whine--we DON'T give them what they want, they help out around the house and DON'T necessarily need an allowance to do so--they are getting food, room and board etc. Take the stinking candy, don't feel guilty, don't apologize and if your kids are anything like ours (at least for now at this age) sharing w/mom & dad is fun--especially since Jason likes the colored tootsies (AHHHGH) and not the chocolate ones--those all come to me!

A long rant, I know but chocolate makes me do and say crazy things!