Friday, May 28, 2010

Psychiatric Help--5 cents!

So Ryan has been going through what I HOPE is a phase! He won't stop hitting, whether playful, powerful or on purpose he just won't stop. I have mentioned before that this is one stubborn child and what took Jason seconds to learn, seems to take Ryan months. We have tried time out, sitting in the corner, the "naughty" stool (super nanny), taking away toys and eventually spanking and he just isn't letting up. It has become embarrassing taking him to nursery/friend's houses etc.

He has always been a very physical boy--loves hard, plays hard (nothing from hugs to punches/kicks are ever soft)--and it seems like he can't DO or communicate anything without some aspect of physicality. He has to constantly touch you, usually by hitting, anytime he wants your attention/emphasizes a point/gets frustrated/even playing has to be accompanied by some element of hitting. I'm not sure what to do anymore--I'm ready to lock him in a dark room and walk away for a few days! Any advice??

Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Lake Lyndsay"

Last Saturday we were invited to go hang out, swim, fish, bbq etc with a subcontracter Scott works with and his family. Turns out this guy used to be a pitcher for the BYU baseball team, married a local girl whose family owns a TON of land with cabins, fishing/swimming pond, horses, and sooo much more--about an hour outside of town. It all started as her father's dream and now each of his kids has their own cabin, they grow their own alfalfa, have their own well that supplies hundreds of acres with water plus all their work equipment for the dad's business is located there. It was so great to see a father who worked hard to have his family have a "getaway" outside of Vegas where now, all the kids and grandkids come stay almost every weekend and it is their own little "resort". own a piece of "country" heaven with animals, cabins, water--away from the rest of the world. I'd take that over a fancy timeshare anyday!
They were great to hang out with and it was just what we needed! Hopefully we'll be doing it again soon. Thanks Jeff and fam!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Amidst the Crazy...

I've been in a funk the last few days--just ask the ladies from "girls night out" when I sat and stared off into space for 3 hours straight. They couldn't figure out what my deal was. This morning was the final straw--nothing major had occurred, just little things building up over weeks and months and years and pounds until I took a hot shower, bawled like a baby and let the drain wash all the snot and hormones away. I made it out of the shower and then gave up again, plopping down on my closet floor hating my maternity clothes and the really cute shoes and wedding ring that don't fit right now. Looking back, I looked pretty funny with Ryan standing next to me, squishing my cheeks in between his chubby little hands saying, "ok mom, ok mom" checking up on my hysteria and wondering what in the world was wrong with his crazy mother.

Yet amidst it all, there were things to be thankful for:

1. Jason who decided to "clean" Ryan's room aka the toy room from HE*L where carpet had not been seen for days, drawers hung open with clothes hanging all over and bags of unpacked who-knows-what had been stashed during the move. He came to say he had a surprise, grabbed my hand & lead me down the hall, insisting that my eyes stay closed. Of course his gift brought a fresh wave of tears for my boy that knows just what to do to make me feel better and even a bought of laughter at all the toys "cleaned" by shoving them under Ryan's bed, in the play kitchen oven and even in the dresser where I have no intention of digging them out--they can rot there for all I care!
2. For squirt guns and lawn chairs that allowed me to sit and take pot shots at the pigeons that keep landing on our freshly planted grass, eating all the seeds. I even wondered how many birds I could take out at close range with Scott's shot gun. Don't worry, I stuck to my water pistol for today but if the crazies get worse, you never know!
3. And at the end of the day for a husband who walks in the door, doesn't ask questions, loads up the family and off to Cafe Rio we go. Oh coconut shrimp tacos with mango dressing, how I love you right now.
4. Last but not least, the quiet happy hours I am currently experiencing as boys sleep peaceful and I get ready for a foot rub and Glee.

So much to be grateful for...just keep reminding me over the next few months!