Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Reason for the Slacking!

Twas 2 months before Christmas
and all through our house
every person was busy,
even the spouse!

Between Halloween & Thanksgiving
our schedule was crazy.
It got even worse
when Natalie started getting spacey!

Things got neglected,
traditions shoved aside.
All her family and friends could do
was shake their heads with a sigh.

An explanation was needed-
that much was clear,
and why were her clothes getting tighter this year?

Yes everybody, it's hard to believe
that nausea is the source
of my nonexistent holiday energy!

Time to kiss our relaxing summer goodbye,
since Tidwell #3 is due in July!

OK, enough of the rhyming--I'm getting a headache. I feel terrible for not posting all about our latest adventures so in the spirit of busy months past--I'll get it all down in a very massive but condensed way.

1. Jenkins family came for Thanksgiving--an old British bag who couldn't figure out how to drive on the right side of the road hit my car on the way back from the airport--nothing major just added to the "festivities" when I got out and screamed profanities at her, forgetting all about mom and dad in the front seat listening to every word. What should I say, mom taught me everything I know :)

2. Took the kids to Williams, AZ to ride the "Polar Express" train. We came, we drank hot cho, kids cheered, got bells, dreams live on, a new tradition was formed!

3. Were invited to an "ugly Christmas sweater" party. Never laughed so hard in my life--people went all out--who actually designs these things. Everything from cats wearing stocking hats, vintage "relief society president" frumpiness, wives dressing husbands in mock sweater vests and so much more. The food was great, the people were awesome and the photos will go down in history. Can't wait till next year!

4. Hit up the ward Christmas party--here it is tradition to do a Mexican potluck. Was surprisingly good since I kept it simple eating only chips, beans, and that awful but was-what-I-was-craving gas station nacho cheese sauce! Again, saw Santa--Jason was taught by his little friend that this wasn't the real Santa, just a helper while the real one finishes his presents in Paris. He now insists that Santa lives in France!

5. Headed to Vegas for an annual Christmas party--which was fabulous (thanks again Lower fam!). Scott surprised me the night before with dinner at a swanky Asian restaurant (he ate octopus--augh!) and then tickets to Phantom of the Opera. It was fantastic and I'd love love love to go again!

6. Currently cleaning house and packing for a week in Idaho--gotta have Christmas with snow right? Hope the puking subsides long enough to gorge myself on holiday goodness. Until next time, Merry Christmas everyone!