Monday, August 18, 2008

California Dreamin'

I'm reminded of a funny birthday card I read a few years ago. On the front it had four cartoon best friends, young & pretty, in grass skirts & coconut tops dancing the hula on a tropical island. It said "Here on the island, we have only one rule..." You open the card and suddenly the perky young women are "middle aged" slightly hunched over, wrinkly, weathered women struggling to hula and it said "never let your coconuts hang lower than your skirt!"

Oh to look the way I did before I had 2 kids in 2 years, worrying that my board shorts aren't long enough to hide the stretch marks on my "upper thigh"--you know what I'm talking about! And for you ladies without children yet (i.e. my 2 younger more beautiful sisters with no stretch marks in crazy places, wider hips, things sagging that shouldn't be sagging etc!) live it up while you can!

Scott surprised me with a weekend trip to Huntington Beach, CA for my birthday (which is what brought on the wishful thinking). But saggy coconuts aside, we had an absolute blast. Scott has a friend who works at the Hyatt and she set us up with an awesome room, a birthday treat bucket delivered when we arrived, free dinner with her at the hotel restaurant--Katie R. you are the best! Saturday we got up and headed to the beach for a day of sun, eating sand (Ryan), being terrified of the water (Jason), body surfing (Scott), and lounging/eating/shopping (me of course). I can easily see why people love it in Southern California! We even went to a little place called "Downtown Disney" - just a free, outside Disney themed shopping area with music, restaurants, street vendors etc. Sunday morning was a leisurely breakfast while Scott got the insider's tour of the Hyatt with Katie.

We can't wait to go back--hopefully do the Disney & Sea World thing once the kids are a little older and if my family will comply--rope them into babysitting while Scott and I take off for a weekend get away of our own sometime. Yes, yes, the drive back was depressing as the landscape got browner and drier and we got hotter. Again, I shake my head knowing that I live in Las Vegas! So for now, I'll just dream of California & grass skirts that aren't 3 sizes larger than when I was in college!

Us in front of the hotel

Dad & boys...

Mom & boys at the Huntington Beach Pier

Jason trying to climb into the police car and Scott dragging him away while the policemen laugh in the background

Jason running from the waves--I think he gets this from me!

Ryan trying to walk in wet sand

Exhausted boys, finally sleeping!