Saturday, May 30, 2009

Christmas in May???

In case you haven't heard (I hadn't) there is a new Christmas movie coming out in November--Dickens' A Christmas Carol. It is created similar to Polar Express (has the same director)--and you all know what a huge Polar Express fan I am. Jason would watch it year round if I didn't show a little restraint. Back to Dickens--Jim Carrey plays Scrooge and many other characters the same way Tom Hanks played the conductor etc.

Sooo, Disney is hosting a "train tour" to advertise for the movie. It was totally free--here's a link to the tour web page (you'll probably have to copy/paste) They are stopping in OGDEN on June 16!

My friend Morgan knew about it, invited me and the boys and we headed out for an all day Christmas adventure--just what we needed in the middle of our 90 degree weather! The tour stop was in Williams, AZ at their Grand Canyon train depot which was completely decked out for Christmas--carolers, wreaths, big red bows--the whole shebang!

We got to tour a train that they had turned into a "rolling museum" all about how the movie was created with movie clips, costumes, figurines, scale model buildings etc. We even got to take our pictures and then morph them onto pictures of the characters (put our faces in place of the characters). Disney is having them printed and will email you when done so that you can pick them up at any Walmart! After the tour we headed on an actual 40 min. train ride. The kids were in heaven! We went up into the mountain--pine trees and all--we even saw deer. The conductor came around and took pictures with the kids. They let everyone roam around the train during the ride, we even could walk out the back door onto the platform and watch the tracks zoom behind us. Last they had a mini-theater set up in a hotel meeting room next door to the depot. The kids all got 3D glasses and watched a 15 min. intro & trailer for the movie. It looks like it will be great. We can't wait.

We wrapped everything up by letting the kids play under the fake snow machine--actually we moms realized it was just blowing clumps of suds into the air but the kids thought it was snow (it was meant to be snow) and so they all got their Christmas in May. Now I just need a cup of Stephen's Hot Chocolate (mint truffle please) and I'll be all ready to wait up for Santa and open presents in the morning.

Merry Christmas Everybody

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wedding Weekend Photos

Just a few photos to document the weekend. There were so many I wanted to show--hope the collage style works out!




Every Party Has A Pooper...

This last week was an amazing brother David was married on Thursday in the Timp Temple. It was such a fantastic weekend with family and friends, especially those we hadn't seen for so long. It was wonderful meeting Summer's family and learning first hand how uniquely talented & fantastic they are. Here are the order of events (since you don't want me to write them all down in paragraph format--trust me!)

1. Wednesday: mad rush to make our flight in Las Vegas to SLC--Scott forgot his wallet & phone in the car, had our ride turn around and bring it back to the airport (thanks Whitney). Got to our gate just in time to take Jason potty and board. Big sigh of relief!
2. Wednesday night: went to a prewedding dinner in American Fork--absolutely delicious. My cousins Steph & Noah watched the boys (found out Jason & Ryan knew how to operate the microwaves in the hotel room after Jason melted several plastic cups--they unplugged the machines until we got home!)
3. Wednesday LATE night: Dave sticks his keys, wallet & cell phone in the microwave thinking it is a safe hiding spot from the boys. We hear a ding and YES--Jason has officially fried Dave's phone, Summers key less entry clicker (which shorted the alarm on her car so that we couldn't get in without it screaming at us for HOURS--the car wouldn't start either.) This all resulted in various people working on it for hours before the wedding and a few after trying to turn off the alarm/start the car so the happy couple could actually get from place to place. Papa Jenkins finally figured it out, got it running and us on the road after the wedding. WHAT A DAY! (thanks Jason--this will be the wedding story remembered for years--everyone has one!)
4. WEDDING DAY: Thursday Dave & Summer were married by President Samuelson. It was a very spiritual and fulfilling afternoon. A few of us met for lunch at Little America afterward, Dave pulls out his wallet and sees that a few credit cards & his student ID have sever burn marks on them--now totally useless due to the previous night's microwave incident (we got a good laugh) as I shook my head and apologized for my child's behavior YET AGAIN FOR THE 2,000 TIME THAT TRIP) and then hit the road to Idaho. We got in around 11pm. I was just happy for a little sisterly bonding time in Lisa's car. At least Ryan (the only boy with us 3 sisters) didn't spoil the girl talk!
5. Spent lots of great time with Big Papa & Grammy Jean (Scott's parents) and the rest of the Tidwell clan. Jason got to ride four wheelers and the lawn mower with Big Papa. We had a family dinner at Scott's sister's house and it was great seeing everyone!
6. We went wake boarding with my fam on Friday (I know, I know--I watched, Lisa & Dad wake boarded but I still consider it participating lifting the orange flag when they wipe out!) We followed up with a BBQ and fire in the backyard--wrapping up the night roasting marshmallows and waiting up for the Judd's to roll into town.
7. Reception was Saturday night: absolutely beautiful, tasty food, lots of hugs and catching up with friends & family. We ended with some serious dancing by Judy Booty and then my Aunt Barb had an encore to Dancing Queen! They've still got it--if only someone had recorded it!
8. We finished the weekend with a last minute game of knock knock at my house, eating the traditional peanuts & M&M's. Myrna took us to the airport, we had plenty of time--you gotta love the non busy Boise airport! We flew home, got compliments on how "good" the boys were (hallelujah), were picked up by our great friend Phil and then headed to Kingman.

Needless to say we are tired, already miss the Idaho, it's green landscape & beautiful farmland and our families, can't wait to go back, inspired to do better in life and just all-around-love-everybody (I think that is the Claritin & lack of sleep talking). There are photos to come--you'll just have to endure them cuz there are lots! :) Love you SUMMER & DAVE!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Nothing like a new puppy?

Well...we didn't really get a puppy--but we did potty train Jason and I figure that is pretty much the same thing. He scratches at the door, whines, waggles his tail and I come running to open the door, let him out, and then check to make sure the deed is done. The first day was nuts--urine EVERYWHERE! So I gave up, took a 5 day sabbatical for sanity sake and when he started begging to have his big boy undies back we tried again. It totally clicked and has been a breeze ever since. Only one accident to speak of and that was because we were at the park and he was completely distracted--probably my fault. Oh well.

As for the last several weeks--we've had lots of visitors, which we love getting out here in nowhereville. First my parents & mimi came for a visit followed by Scott's parents. The kiddos were spoiled rotten, especially Jason with pre & post birthday surprises. We hit up lots of cool touristy things, especially the Grand Canyon and had a great time!

Last item--I met BJ's mission president's daughter. She lives here in Kingman with her husband and almost 2 year old little boy. What a small world. Ashley was kind enough to invite us over for a Cafe Rio dinner (pulled pork, lime rice & the works!) She headed out to Houston to visit her mom & dad and took some treats to BJ for me. Nice to have door to door service for that stuff sometimes.

Riverboat ride in Bullhead city

Papa and his shadow

Keepers of the WilD (wildlife refuge)

Grandpa's idea of babysitting (animal cage at the refuge)

Hualapai Mtn Park

Old Route 66

Lake Havasu Paddle Boat

Lake Havasu

Birthday shoes from Grammy Jean

Freezing at the Grand Canyon

more Grand Canyon

Riding a train at Ashley's house