Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Birthday Fun!

Jason turned 6--seems a little unreal but it happened just the same.  No sense in trying to stop time, better just enjoy it right?  He wanted a "sports" themed party where everyone could earn trophies so what better way to celebrate than take 12 five and six year olds to the park, play games, eat treats and run wild!

Jason kept insisting on a little bling for his cupcakes--the ring suckers on top were a HUGE HIT!

They all got to make their own jerseys--I ironed on numbers before hand, let them go to town with fabric markers and viola!  Our good friend Kim stayed with her 2 boys to help manage the chaos.  I think I need six arms instead of just 2!

His friends were very generous and managed to guess all the things a little 6 year old could possibly desire!

Then, being 96 stinkin' degrees outside, it was water gun time!  Even Scott got in on the action.  Pretty soon they were just dumping bottles of water on each other--and random kids at the park--we had to reign 'em in a few times!
All in all--a blast of a day but boy were mom and dad tired when it was over.  Kids have no idea what their parents go through to put on things like this.  I think I should be calling my mother to say thanks too!  Happy 6th Birthday Jason!