Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Jason is 4!

Yesterday was Jason's 4th birthday---we often look at friends who have kids a few years older than ours and think that it is a long way off, not so! It comes quicker than we realize. Then when you start saying things like, "in 4 more years he'll get baptized" or "10 more years and he'll be going to dances"--then you really get panicky and old, fast!

This year was even better than the last--it is great to see their little personalities come out the older they get. He gave us each birthday hats and got angry every time we took them off. He even sang himself Happy Birthday--while looking in a mirror--several times that day, called Scott to find out when he would be home for his party and LOVED it when his grandma, papa and mimi called to talk to him on his special day. He requested chicken nuggets, capri sun, colored marshmallows, and watermelon for dinner--quite the combo, I know. He followed it up with Popsicles and cake for dessert. He actually wanted to do the cake himself so he cracked eggs, stirred, baked, frosted, sprinkled and blew out candles all by himself--hopefully he'll be a great chef someday! After eating our stomach ache on a plate for dinner, came present time. Scott and I totally understand how some kids turn into spoiled rotten little is the parent's fault. It is so stinkin' fun to see your kids face light up when they see "just what they always wanted" underneath all that wrapping paper and tape. I just have to tell myself to refrain from giving him everything he wants just because it makes ME feel good!
(gift from I said, spoiled rotten :)

After much screaming, jumping around surrounded by CARS, Thomas the Train & Buzz Lightyear paraphernalia, bath time was instigated--mostly for Ryan's Popsicle covered sake, bed time came and birthday ended. I sat and looked at old photos of birthdays gone by, especially when he was born and didn't get nostalgic, just excited for year after year of excitement, chicken nuggets and homemade birthday cake!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Weekend Warriors

After getting our feet beneath us--barely--and totally identifying with the scene from Incredible's when the wife calls the husband celebrating that they were finally moved in because the last box was unpacked, although it was over a year later...we headed to Utah. We couldn't help but admire the red rocks and rich burnt colored dirt of the St. George area and then salivate as everything slowly grew more and more green. We even drove the freeway with our windows rolled down for a bit just to smell the farm fields and even the cows--they just look and smell better surrounded by lush green farmland! could say we miss that landscape--Vegas isn't the prettiest place to live that's for sure! All that pining aside, we hit Provo right in time to meet up with my siblings Lisa, Dave & Summer and cousin Carrie for a trip to PF Chang's. How my tummy LOVES that place. I don't think you can go wrong there but the Shrimp w/Candied Walnuts IS THE BEST!!! I think I want that to be my last meal on Earth--or just bury me with it--either way it will get into my system! We had a short but great time with them and then headed down the road to SLC for our Nephew John's wedding the next morning.

Being in the SL Temple has got to be a highlight for us--so many memories, like the lady who fainted right in front of us before we got married--talk about jitters! Anyway, it was great to be with family, especially in that setting...aside from being the fat prego Aunt forever immortalized in family wedding photos. I tried hiding but somehow managed to stick out like one giant polka dot nonetheless! (Wylie, I think you were hiding out in CO--just wait, your turn will come:-) Thanks to David & Roma for such a wonderful time, luncheon, & family--you done good! And thanks to the ever present Archibald clan who fed us a great breakfast and let us all use their home (once again) as Utah base camp when we are in town. We loved seeing everyone and can't wait till the next gathering!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

We Made It!

One of Scott's coworkers asked me today, "so are you all moved in?" It took me a bit but finally I responded, "the boxes are in, they just aren't unpacked yet!" After haggling with utilities companies, finding out the dryer was completely broken and hanging our wet clothes in front of the fireplace, realizing we have NO cell phone service in our house and having to sign up for a home phone, trying to lock the front door only to discover that the house key provided by the property management company didn't fit (among many other things) we just wanted to say, we are here & we are alive. By the way, we get text messages but the cells don't ring when they should and messages often show up hours after they are left so if you want our home number, text or email--those 2 technologies are atleast still reliable!

After all the craziness dies down, I find I'm grateful for little things---like Jason who willingly runs up the stairs to get what I need so I don't have to waddle my way up there or Ryan who is sleeping through the night better (thanks to Scott's "tough" love methods) as well as a 1 hour nap each day (oh how I love "quiet" time). I'm thankful for a nice calm neighborhood and backyard that will soon have growing grass! I love that there are decent Chinese restaurants that DELIVER! But most importantly, I LOVE my icemaker--that's right folks, we finally have a fridge with water despenser/icemaker that chops my icecubes into tiny little chunks for me to chew on AS OFTEN AS I WANT. No more trips to Sonic just for a cup of ice, it is right at my fingertips! Anyway, life is good, we are adjusting and miss you all mucho--Tidwells