Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pink is my signature color...

Macy Marie Tidwell
Our household has been taken over by all things girlie.  Everywhere you look there are tiny purple socks, large hair bows and flowers, pink bouncers and swings, floral burp rags etc etc etc!  And we are loving every minute of it.  Macy Marie graced us with her presence in a wild manner August 5th about 9:30 am.  She was a "healthy" sized little girl (nearly 21 inches, 9lb 3oz).  I went in to be induced at 12:30am, received my much desired epidural about 6am, they paged the dr about 9am and suddenly the nurse found herself shouting at Scott to pull the emergency cord, put gloves on her hands and yell out the door that "nurse Carrie needs immediate assistance"!  Apparently Macy didn't want to wait for dear Dr. Harter and decided to show up unannounced.  Sooo, nurse Carrie did a fantastic job delivering her, the peds nurses whisked Macy away for checking and cleaning and Dr. Harter came to visit and check up on us a few hours later!  We joked with the nurses that they deserved a bonus for doing the M.D.s job :-)

She is a beautiful little girl--mild mannered, fantastic eater, and has been sleeping 5-6 hours at a time for the last few nights.  I don't even mind the occasional throw up--it's just an excuse to try on a new outfit!  The boys can't get enough of her and neither can Grandma or Aunt Mimi (both came down for a visit right after Macy was born.)  My mom is a SAINT--I don't know where she gets all her patience or energy from (years of practice I suppose) but I hope when the tables are turned and it is me doing this with my "little" girl, that I can be just as selfless, energetic, helpful, patient and on and on, as she is!

When Scott asked if there was anything special I wanted for my birthday, the only thing I could think of was a hot fudge sundae (with extra hot fudge of course!)  I have everything else I could desire and am feeling very blessed!  We love this little girlie and have waited A LONG TIME for her--she's the best birthday present EVER!

The boys paying us a visit at the hospital

Big brother Ryan

Jason--who also LOVES to help Macy accessorize!

My beautiful Mom--she's not old enough to have 5 grand kids, right?