Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cha Cha Cha Changes

My little boy isn't so little anymore.  I'm sure that is a phrase uttered by millions of parents, millions of times over the span of millions of years.  And whatever occasion that brought about those few little words is backed up by weeks, months, even years of little tiny moments, growths, differences that went overlooked until one day WHAM--your five year old looses his first tooth.  Suddenly you realize it is September, he has started Kindergarten, is so tall he needs all new pants and is MISSING HIS FRONT TOOTH with another one loose and on it's way out.  Where oh where did time go?  On top of it all Ryan just turned four and is now going to preschool.  He bops down the stairs, happy as can be, gobbles down his breakfast, throws on his backpack and bolts for the sidewalk where he waits excitedly for "bus bus" to come.  His teachers love him and the bus drivers love him even more.  Last but not least Collin is one, his 4 molars are coming in at the same time, he's walking everywhere and I just gave him his first real hair cut.  The strawberry golden curls are gone and along with them go my three little boys.

And yet....yes there is an "and yet" to this story.  And yet the same time that takes away the golden curls brings other "firsts" for my little boys.  Firsts--like first day of school, first loose tooth, first part in a primary program and so much more.  So I guess as time changes one thing and I feel the loss of little boy smiles & scrapes it also brings big boy events for me to look forward to.  Because as we all know, moms can do a great deal but we can't stop time!