Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Football, Family, Friends, Fall

Like the title shows, life couldn't be better for our little family. We've been busy the last few weeks--here's a run down:
1. Making caramel apples with friends--the missionaries dropped by and joined us for a bit (every little mormon kid's heros!) The boys couldn't stay out of the fridge--constantly checking to make sure the apples were still there. Ryan was the instigator, sticking his fingers in the caramel or picking the mini m&ms and sprinkles off. I caught him (on MORE than one occasion) running through the house with an apple in his hands, caramel and chocolate all over his face--I think he loved it more than me!

2. We headed to Utah for the Tidwell Tailgate 2009 (say that 5 times fast)! Scott's family reunion was hosted by his sister Wendy & her family in P town this year. We played at Rock Canyon Park--I had forgotten how beautiful those fall colors are in Utah. We all carved pumpkins, took family pictures in our matching BYU shirts, had a family "talent" show, decorated sugar cookies (and yes, I made Grandma's recipe so as not to shame myself for generations to come).

We hit up the bookstore and got everyone outfitted with sweatshirts for the game--Jason kept calling the little cougar on his shirt a jaguar. People were looking around like "who's kid is this?" He even managed to steal some flavored chap stick--he got hooked on Aunt Missy's-- but we caught him about 10 yard out of the store and Scott "helped" him take it back. We had a big bbq/tailgate before the game, watched the cougars flop on their own turf, but enjoyed being part of the electric atmosphere in that stadium. Even the boys loved getting bundled up and cheering for the team! After we headed to Aunt Lisa's place w/Summer & Dave & other family for a great visit and hot chocolate. Lisa brought us back some really nice gifts from her trip to China--Scott a tie, me a table runner and silk hand bag. The boys got some really cool chopsticks--Jason calls them his drumsticks and takes them EVERYWHERE--bathtub included! The boys loved getting in a little run around time before heading back to crash at our hotel. Jason's favorite part of all was the hotel breakfast--he thinks there is something special about the cereal that comes out of the plastic dispensers. He wanted to bring them home with us!

3. The Monday after we got home we headed to our great friends for a traditional Halloween dinner. She did dinner in a pumpkin and it was sooo good--just like I remembered mom making when we were kids. I made "bone" bread sticks and we ate jello out of little pumpkins. It was great. The kiddos even dressed up in their costumes for a "trial" run and LOVED it. We can't wait for the real deal--such an easy way for mom and dad to rack in some great treats--all because their kids are cute :)

Scott's pumpkin from the reunion!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Today was a milestone. Today I became my parents! Today I bought my children a movie that I grew up with, hoping they would love it as much as me. I felt like a cheap salesman, talking Jason into picking Charlie Brown and The Great Pumpkin instead of some pixar film he wanted. But, just like my parents, today was a victory. HE LOVES IT! We have been listening to the Peanuts theme song nonstop for almost 24 hours, the kid is obsessed and that makes me so very happy! I want my kids to grow up with the old Disney's and other cartoons that I had. There is something classic and nostalgic about them. And so today, The Great Pumpkin is alive and well. In the words of my favorite little Peanut, Happy Halloween You BlockHead!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Ode To Grandma, Frosting & Halloween!

Some of the greatest recipes I have I owe to my Grandmothers! Every once in a while I get this crazy thought in my head to stray from the tried and true! I did just that when making sugar cookies for the kiddos to decorate while the menfolk were at the priesthood session of General Conference. Actually, I attribute the insane moment of straying to a great coupon and needing to save a little time. I ended up BUYING sugar cookie dough from the store instead of making Grandma Ahlstrom's infamous cream cookies. I know, I know, I can hear generations of Ahlstrom women screaming at me in shame. "Garbage, filth, refuse..." like the crazy bag lady from Princess Bride! Let me tell you, lesson learned--never again will I buy cookie dough. IT WAS AWFUL! Not only did it taste like poo--you know that is the truth when even your "sugar-running-through-his-veins" 3 year old won't eat the cookies right? But they didn't roll out like they should have, got all gummy and stuck to my counters. Ended up having to use waxed paper to bake them on cuz I couldn't transfer them to a cookie sheet without everything falling to a mushy, sticky mess. I pretty much hate you Pil****ury company sugar cookies! Regardless, my friends frosting and our combined candy corn, tons of sprinkles and noninvasive mothering helped the kids have a great time anyway. We topped it off with a little pizza and oreo cookie ice cream. Come on, are you surprised--you know I do dessert first! HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE. It is fall and I'm loving it! and ps. grams i'm sooo sorry, i'll never do your recipes injustice again--promise!

Enjoying some halloween pjs from Grammy Jean

Loving sweater weather

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Last Day of Summer

Tuesday we headed to Lake Havasu where Scott had a work meeting. When we left Kingman it was 91 degrees at noon, when we arrived in Havasu it was 106--the joy that is Arizona weather. The boys and I "hung out" at Michael's Craft Store (can you guess who that was for:)? I had a great time doing a little shopping and then we met up with Scott after for some water adventures. There is a great movie theater/shopping complex with a fun kiddie fountain & play area. The boys were a little hesitant at first but after about 5 minutes they were soaked and loving it. Good timing too since we woke up this morning and it was 67 in our house. Jason put on jeans, a turtle neck, a hooded sweatshirt and still told me it was "chilly". My poor boys who have never known anything other than Las Vegas & Kingman, AZ weather. However, it has changed and I'm sooo ready for fall, hot chocolate & sweaters. Yehaw!