Thursday, September 25, 2008

Gotta Love My Jason!

Between being a full time mommy (of boys!) and starting a business, and being a wifey, and trying to stay in shape, and be spiritual, and sane etc (you get the picture) sometimes our lives get a little hectic. I finally found time yesterday to clean the bathroom downstairs, scrubbed the floor, wiped the baseboards--the whole works! Jason walked into the bathroom last night to peek around--how 2 year olds always do--and he pokes his head out with the biggest grin, gives me a thumbs up and says "wow, looks good!" Sometimes it is nice to be appreciated (or maybe my bathroom was sooo dirty that even my 2 year old BOY noticed when it got cleaned--I'll stick with the "I just did an extra good job" theory)!

As a side note--check out this photo of my gorgeous sister Missy and her homecoming date! I can't believe how grown up she is--and tall too--good thing she wore flats! She and my parents are coming for a little visit after General Conference and I can't wait to see them all! Jason wakes up and asks at least three times a day "where papa"? He's pretty excited too.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Today is Ryan's 1st birthday and I'm left wondering where the last year has gone? I'm getting teary as only a mom can while looking at all the pictures we have of him, reflecting on each individual memory. I feel like I'm in "You've Got Mail" right when Meg Ryan's store has been shut down and that sad song "remember" is playing in the background. I think if I close my eyes tight and hold really still I can remember what it was like holding him for the first time, being so grateful for those first few moments when a new baby is introduced into this world.

From the very beginning I knew Ryan would be different from Jason. They are both happy kids but Ryan has always had a calming influence on me. He was very mellow, from the first minute I felt him wiggle in my tummy until right now. Even the Doctors and nurses were surprised that his heart rate seemed more steady and slow during labor--they were actually a little concerned but I reassured them that's just how he was, and I was right.

A few things I love about my chubs:
*Ryan likes to do things at his own pace. We call him slug sometimes because of it. He never struggled to roll over, sit, crawl, stand or walk. One day he just decided to do each one with no previous warning it was coming. Even his teeth are taking their sweet time getting here...Jason was eating hot dogs by 9 months with a full set of teeth and Ryan in still gumming crackers.
*His fat baby chuckle (at least that is what we call it.) He has a deep throaty giggle that he gives when being tickled or wrestled with.
*He loves to play. He gets a gleam in his eye if you sit on the floor and it doesn't matter where he is in the room, he makes a speedy dash right for your face. He loves to grab my cheeks and pull my face in for a big slobbery kiss.
*He is totally one hundred percent my boy. Ten times out of ten he chooses mom instead of dad. Jason is officially a daddy's boy so Ryan is my snuggling ally.
*He has the best, biggest, drooliest smile you have ever seen!
*Last is his curly hair. It is gorgeous. I only hope my girls have hair half as great! Scott wants to cut it, the kid can barely see because it is getting so long but for some reason I just can't let it go. The last sign of him still being a "baby" I guess.

So...happy birthday baby. You came at just the right time and I love having you in my life!

In my family it is tradition to pick your birthday cereal (cuz dad is a dentist and sugar cereals were HUGE treats)

A "fun" day in the pool. I think Jason liked splashing Ryan more than Ryan enjoyed getting splashed!

The traditional boys first football cake!

After a bath, a ride on my new birthday toy!

Monday, September 8, 2008


It has been a boring few days and any time it gets boring, I start baking. I let Jason help me make Scott's favorite treat--Peanut Butter Bars. They are like oatmeal cookie dough with peanut butter with melted chocolate on top. So yummy.
It was a little bit of a struggle to keep him from cracking eggs all over the counter when I wasn't looking, but once he got to start eating the dough, we were on a roll. Hopefully I can pass on my love of baking to my kids--even my boys!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A not so laborious Labor Day weekend!

Thank goodness for a break once in a while. I know some people look at "stay-at-home" mommies and think, "wow she's got it easy" or better yet, "what is she complaining about, I'd trade places with her in a heart beat!" Well, after hearing "mommy, mommy, mommy" repeated for the 20th time for no reason at all, wipping runny noses because both my boys are teething, trying to teach Ryan not to eat the sand in the fireplace and Jason not to spank Ryan for eating the sand...well you get the picture...I don't think they'd be so quick to think the grass was so green on this side of the hill. (besides, I live in Las Vegas...there is no green grass!)

However, this Labor Day was great. We stayed in town--no insane packing, hauling the family to some crowded vacation spot only to wrestle with the kids and do what I do everyday just in a less convenient location (some holiday)! We got up Monday morning and headed to the park for some shaded play time outside, took a long nap while the boys napped, tried to duplicate the P.F. Changs Candied Walnut Shrimp recipe (which by the way if you have not tried it you are completely missing out. It is one of the best culinary experiences you'll have in a long time--fabulous but my attempt came no where close...we'll try again later), and then Jason got a special treat. Scott took him to a putting green. Jason got to bring his clubs and balls, just like dad. They even stopped and got icecream on the way home. Mommy got some great alone time since Ryan was napping. I finished the menus for my business and then sat, with the remote in MY HAND, not Scott's, and watched what ever junk was on tv simply because I could, acutally it was Prison Break and I'm totally addicted. We almost named Jason Lincoln, which we got from that show.

I need another non-Labor Day soon. We should call it Mother's Day--wait we already have one of those but it generally isn't anywhere close to being non-laborious. Oh well, here's to wishing right?

my curly headed baby--I won't let Scott cut his hair!

golf and icecream with dad

Jason is really into forts right now. He has a favorite babysitter who built this latest one for him and he refuses let me tear it down. He even grabbed a sleeping bag the first night and thought it was going to be his new room!