Monday, January 26, 2009

Dum, Dum, Da Dum!

I know this isn't my event but I just couldn't help myself. My little brother is engaged and I couldn't be more excited for him. His fiance is Summer, from Idaho as well, and he couldn't have picked a better girl. The minute we met her, we always knew that she was the type of person that would only help Dave be better! They are great complements to each other's lives. They are getting married the end of May (time to loose weight right?) in the Timp. temple. Congrats--love you both!

Friday, January 16, 2009

End of the year recap...

1. Went to Idaho for Christmas--a white one!
2. Santa came--wahoo!
3. Kids racked in the mother load
4. Ate LOTS of food with no concern for consequences
5. Celebrated our 7th anniversary--yes, we are that old.
6. Brought in the New Year in typical Tidwell fashion e.i. food, football, fun!
7. Limped back to Vegas (car has been in the shop for the last week--long story)
8. Decided to move to Kingman, AZ and manage a project for Scott's company for a year
9. Visited Kingman and about changed my mind!
10. Currently packing house because the Lord made it clear that I shouldn't change my mind.
11. Eating, shopping, visiting all my favorite people, doing all my favorite things one last time for the next year since the only major store Kingman has is a SuperWalmart and even though I love Walmart I don't foresee myself buying any new clothes there any time soon. Ahhh. How I will miss my Ann Taylor outlet--well lets be honest--ALL the outlets, my restaurants, my business partner and good friends, my non-crazy windy, non-dusthole, non-doublewide lifestyle Las Vegas (never thought I'd say I would miss it here--wow).
12. Reminding myself that we will be only 2 hours from family and friends in Phoenix/Mesa, only 2 hours back to Vegas, temple, friends etc, 1/2 hour to the Grand Canyon, and 4 hours to the CA coast. Disneyland here we come!
What an adventure this will be!

Just a few photos from Christmas...

Jason building a snowman with my brother David and his girlfriend Summer (who I absolutely adore!)

Ryan and Papa

Jason and Papa after an afternoon of sledding near Lucky Peak

Our anniversary meal