Thursday, August 26, 2010

The rabbit & the fish

Once upon a time, over 12 years ago a farm boy met a city girl he couldn't resist. In his attempt to win her heart and impress her family with his self reliance and manliness he sought to bring the girl a gift for her birthday. He searched high and low, near and far, asking all his friends what would be a deserving gift for the beautiful maiden. Finally he found the perfect thing, wrapped it carefully, lovingly and set off to her home. As the girl unwrapped the gift, trembling with excitement, she let out a squeal and yelled loudly "what the *&%$"???

OK OK enough fairy tales--scott went hunting the weekend of my 16th birthday (2 weeks after we first met) and brought home Thumper the bunny rabbit. That's right folks, he killed, skinned, froze, wrapped and presented the bloody cold lump of meat to me for my sweet 16. It was wrapped with duct tape in a Toasted Oats cereal box and in a gift bag that had a barn, cow and sunflower on it--probably "recycled" from some other occasion. So what did I do you might ask? I found out his birthday was a mere 11 days later, bummed a 2 foot long steal head fish off my young woman's leader & her husband. I wrapped it in a box (on a bed of ice cubes) surrounded by colored Swedish fish and put a mini baseball hat on the fish's head & gave that to him for his 18th birthday.

And you wonder why we are a match made in heaven. Happy birthday dear--I love you and am glad this fair maiden got her man!

Monday, August 16, 2010


Collin had his first real "photo shoot" a few weeks ago. A friend in our ward has a great set up at her home and offered to take the pictures for us. They turned out great--Thanks Valarie!